It is now almost 10 years that I work for Danika . Until today I do not regret this for one second. Danika has a top team of people who listen to you when you have a problem, in short it is a fantastic agency !

Sabine Vdp,

I can arrange my work with my clients without stress. I am well supported by my supervisor and have nice colleagues, and my salary is always paid correctly.

Marie-Christine T.,

You will find a good atmosphere, where you can and may make your own plans as long as the customers are helped. An employer who understands if there are problems with family members or the like. In short, a good place to work

Georgina S.,

Because I really like working there and I have good posts and you can pour your heart out to the people at the office.

Nicole B.,

On my very first day, I immediately felt at home in this family. Everyone is there for you even in difficult times, for which special thanks to Melissa! And of course the hours are very easy to set yourself and you don't work on weekends and holidays.

Shelsey S.,

I like working with Danika because I am not a number. I always have a listening ear. I deserve a salary according to my value. 😁😄😁

Tamara G.,